Can you actually become rock-solid with a click track in two weeks, whether you're a complete novice, or have a ton of experience without spending hour and hours practicing boring patterns?
I believe the answer is YES! And I want to walk you through the super-strange but effective process I followed to get these same results in an...
Absolutely Free
30-Minute Masterclass

Update: I've re-recorded and combined all 4 parts into one mega video! Click to get instant access to the whole thing!
In this free video training, you'll discover:
Time stamps are the EXACT spot in the training where you can find the info:
Why getting better with a click track is valuable even if you never want to actually perform with a click track.
The insane guarantee that I’ve put behind this program…
If this video is just a long sales presentation for something else (spoiler-it’s not).
The myths that you might believe about playing with a click and why they aren’t true.
The BIG SECRET I stumbled onto that allowed me to make my practice sessions SUPER Efficient and make drastic progress in 2 weeks.
The Two FOUNDATION Steps - All of your progress will be built on these two concepts.
How increasing complexity and “difficulty” in our practice routine can actually HARM our progress.
The Two MAGIC Steps - There’s nothing magical about these steps, but this is were the “Special Sauce” in this process comes from, and can really make the whole thing feel like magic.
The One Final KICKER Step - This entire process WON’T WORK for you if you ignore this step.
How sticking with this process can start to pay off in CRAZY ways around day 5 or 6.
 A recap of all the info you need to do this entire process on your own without spending a dime.
The FASTEST and EASIEST way to get GUARANTEED RESULTS, and how to get started right now- without risking any money
The insane guarantee that I’ve put behind this program…
Daniel Hadaway
The Drum Coach
Wait... Who the heck is Daniel Hadaway?
That's a great question! And I would want to know the answer to that question too if I were you...

I'm a professional drummer, living in Nashville, TN. I've played on over 300 recording sessions, and toured the world with a few artists you may have heard of... and a LOT that I guarantee you haven't heard of. One of the albums I played on was even nominated for a Grammy Award in 2017 - which was really exciting!

I also host a daily podcast for drummers, called Drummer Daily - we're at over 150 episodes and counting. I also am the founder of Pro Drum Academy - the world's only online academy that teaches drummers how to make a career out of drumming.

But the key is this: I've made a career of playing drums and have learned a TON along the way. And I want to share some of that with you- my fellow drummer.
If you're so successful, why are you teaching this stuff?
Another excellent question! There are a few reasons... 

The most important one (to me) is that I realized a long time ago that I have a passion for teaching and helping other drummers- and this passion is every bit as strong, if not stronger, than my passion for traveling as a drummer.

The most important reason (to you) is simply that I'm really good at getting results for my students. If you don't believe me, sign up for the free training, and scroll down the page that houses the training- you'll see real testimonials from my students.
So... Is this really FREE TRAINING or just a long sales pitch?
This is legitimate FREE TRAINING... At the end of the training I will present an opportunity for you to continue your journey with me in a program that is already built for you. BUT... If you actually watch and apply the free training, you will have 100% of the information you need in order to create a plan and get these results for yourself on your own.
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